About Abundant Life Health Care

Your health is the foundation for everything you do in life.  If everything is normal except how you feel, it’s time to find out why.

About Us

Health, Energy, and Wellness you can trust.

Abundant Life Health Care opened our doors to patients in 2006, and we have evolved and grown over the years.  Beginning with focusing mostly on hormone and thyroid issues, the practice has grown to include additional specialty areas like adrenal fatigue, weight loss and functional medicine.  And we’re not done growing!  As our providers learn more, we’ll continue to add more services.

Our Philosophy

We strive to not be a typical doctor's office. We have a calm, relaxed, not white office and love getting to know our patients. You are more than a number, a chart, or a lab result. You have unique interests, hobbies, stressors, and health concerns. We work to help you have the best health possible.

Health, Energy, & Wellness you can trust.