Payment, Financing & Insurance

We accept Visa, MasterCard, check and cash.  Most medical savings cards are also accepted.


Abundant Life Health Care does not directly bill any insurance companies. Our providers are not contracted (or considered preferred providers) with any insurance company, including Medicare. Our office will supply you with necessary paperwork which you may submit to your insurance company. Should you have any questions regarding "out of network" benefits, please contact your insurance carrier.

By staying out of insurance networks, we are able to keep our costs down by spending our time with you, instead of spending our time submitting and processing insurance claims, and negotiating with insurance companies. 

Because we are independent of insurance requirements, insurance companies cannot dictate the care we provide.  This allows us to provide you with the best care possible, whether that is a prescription medication, bio-identical hormones, nutrition and supplements, or helping you with a lifestyle change.

Health, Energy, & Wellness you can trust.