Weight Loss

Sometimes, no matter what you try, it doesn’t help you lose weight. There are many causes for weight gain, whether caused by hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, or adrenal fatigue.  Finding the underlying cause is the first step to successful weight loss. We can address the problem and develop a weight loss plan that works for you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say about our Weight Loss programs…

“I can find something to satisfy cravings & stay on track with First Line Therapy. I’m losing weight & not hungry!”

-M.C., Boise

“The HCG program is simple. I’ve done every weight loss program out there and this one works! I lost a lot of fat quickly!”

-G.H., Eagle

“Karole has given me a flexible program that I can do for my entire life, and given me the tools to do it! Thank you!”

-T.R., Boise

Our Weight Loss Programs

We have several customizable weight loss programs to help you reach your goals. 


First Line Therapy | $-$$$

First Line Therapy is a very individualized program that utilizes a well-studied program that customizes nutrition and lifestyle changes with regular medical supervision. We help you learn the tools and strategies for steady weight loss that you can maintain for life."

  • A well studied Healthy Lifestyle program for slow and steady weight loss that you can maintain for life
  • Highly individualized program, meeting your needs and goals
  • One on one appointments with our NP
  • Utilizes a modified Mediterranean menu plan
  • Pay as you go, without set program fees
  • No specialty foods or supplements required, but our NP will make recommendations
  • Average weight loss 1-3 pounds per week


Healthy Transformations Weight Loss Program | $$

This program is an independent home based weight loss with minimal supervision. This is for those motivated to work on their own.

  • Steady weight loss
  • Independent program with minimal supervision and appointments
  • Lower carb meal plan with healthy fats, proteins, and plenty of vegetables
  • One on one appointment with our Nurse Practitioner to get you started
  • Body Fat analysis available
  • Dietary supplements and patient guidebook included, along with protein bars and shakes
  • Average weight loss 1-2 pounds per week


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