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Digital Detox, Part 2

I'm planning a digital detox.  Read about my guidelines and join my social experiment!

In my last blog post, I talked about our need for digital unplugging.  As a social experiment, Lesa and I have decided to unplug some of our lives.  Would you like to join us?


What are you willing to give up or minimize?


For one week, we are going to eliminate:

*Social media—Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Sanp Chat, blogs, online dating services, etc.  All these things will not be in our lives that week.  This is going to be hard for me because I do quite a bit of interacting with and encouraging my patients via Facebook.  I am going to schedule posts for those days, but I’m not going to be checking to see who has responded or what my reach is.

*Phone—all nonproductive time killers will be eliminated.

My phone will be for communication purposes only.  My kids’ school uses three apps for communication, grades, etc. so I have to still access those during the week.  I also will use my phone to get directions if I need to.  I’m not willing to drive around for an hour looking for someplace just because I’m trying to unplug.

*Home computer—Netflix, Hulu, online and offline games, online window shopping, online news will be eliminated.  I will continue to use my computer for email, but I won’t be looking at the sales that are advertised in the emails…

*TV—shows, baseball games, football games will be eliminated


I am going to allow reading on my Kindle.  Even though it is electronic, it’s still just reading a book as long as I’m not accessing the Kindle store.


Have I missed anything?

Is there anything you would recommend I eliminate or reduce?

Would you like to participate in our social experiment?  We won’t set the date until we hear back from people, so comment below…

This social experiment is open to anyone, so ask your friends to join us too!

Posted by Karole Beck at 9/27/2017 11:14:00 PM
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