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Should You Try Bio-Identical Hormones for Menopause Treatment?

It’s a common belief that hormone replacement therapy should be the go-to solution for women suffering from the estrogen deficiency associated with menopause. Many women understandably begin to research natural and safe methods to alleviate their symptoms. 

While hormone replacement therapy can make a world of difference for many patients, not all hormone sources are created equal. That’s why we frequently recommend bio-identical hormones for their safety and effectiveness.

What is Different About Bio-Identical Hormones?

Often called natural or human-identical hormones, bio-identical hormones can provide safe and effective relief from menopausal symptoms. Bio-identical hormones are identical in molecular make-up, shape, and structure to the hormones that are naturally made in the human body. This is why bio-identical hormones are effective; their compatibility with the human body allows them to be safely absorbed and effectively utilized.

This stands in contrast to hormones like Premarin and Prempro, which are made from conjugated mare urine. While each of these contains natural hormones from horses, ultimately they are not bio-identical to humans. Any typical HRT drug like Provera and the combination drug Prempro, that list ingredients such as progestogens, progestins, or esterified estrogens are also not bio-identical.  The names may sound similar, but their molecular structure is very different.

Compatibility is important because the cells in our body respond to a specific hormone structure. When hormones that aren’t bio-identical are used, some patients may experience a variety of side effects ranging from minor to serious. Bio-identical hormones are exactly the structure of human hormones, and this is why they work effectively without the accompanying range of side effects.

How Abundant Life Health Care Can Help

The most effective way to diagnose hormone imbalances is through saliva testing. This gives us the most accurate snapshot of the “active” hormone levels currently in your body. Based on the plan developed between patient and provider, these test results will assist our provider in prescribing the appropriate treatment using bio-identical hormones.

Abundant Life Health Care works with a local compounding pharmacy right here in Boise. Our providers prescribe individualized doses of bio-identical hormones to correct any underlying hormonal imbalances and these individualized treatments are made specifically for that patient by the compounding pharmacy. These treatments often include creams, triturates, troches, and capsules.

At Abundant Life Health Care, we understand that treating hormonal imbalances means addressing more than just your test results or your symptoms. In order for you to have the best outcomes, we address all of the factors that contribute to your wellness. 

It’s our goal to help you discover your optimal energy and wellness. Request an appointment to start your journey toward abundant health today.

Posted by Karole Beck at 2/15/2018 9:03:00 PM
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