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Office Life--Lunch and Learn!

At Abundant Life Health Care, we always continue to learn.  Karole regularly attends seminars on various health topics, as well as webinars in the office during lunch.  And sometimes, Lesa watches the webinar too!



Today, we learned about the newest theories of root causes of high blood pressure.  It was not a “you’ve got high blood pressure, take this medicine to lower it” kind of webinar.  It was about studies that show the three types of cellular dysfunction in blood vessels that cause high blood pressure.  In fact, a study that was discussed resulted in 62% of participants getting off their blood pressure medicine when these root causes were treated and cellular function was normalized!  Amazing!


Now, Karole is NOT telling you to dump your blood pressure medicine.  But it means there is hope in treating high blood pressure that may not include prescription drugs and corrects the underlying cellular dysfunction that is causing the high blood pressure to begin with.  Stay tuned as more research continues…

Posted by Karole Beck at 8/10/2018 1:48:00 AM
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