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Product Spotlight: FindWhy? Genetic Testing for Weight Control

Genes play a role in the development of obesity. It is believed that genes regulate how our bodies capture, store, and release energy from food including the drive to overeat, the tendency to be sedentary or physically active, a diminished ability to use dietary fats as fuel, and an ability to store body fat easily.


FindWhy™ Genetic Testing for Weight Control looks at five genes that are known to have a significant impact on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and responsiveness to exercise. The genes in the FindWhy™ Genetic Testing were chosen by a very thorough review of research literature related to genes, exercise, obesity and nutrition. The genes tested are:

    •    FTO—Regulation of metabolism and satiety

    •    MC4R—Regulation of satiety and meal frequency

    •    ADRB2-E27Q—Sensitivity to carbohydrates and stress impact

    •    FABP2-T55A—Fat absorption and insulin regulation of sugar

    •    SH2B1—Regulation of insulin and leptin systems


Testing is performed on the DNA collected from cheek cells which are collected by brushing the three swabs on the inside of the mouth.


Testing your genes can give you specific dietary and exercise recommendations, such as eat five small meals a day or perform high intensity cardio exercise.  When you know that your body converts sugar straight into fat, it makes you think a bit harder about eating that piece of cake…


For more information about FindWhy™ Genetic Testing or to schedule your testing, call us at 208-433-9188.

Posted by Karole Beck at 8/15/2018 12:08:00 AM
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