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A Visit From Mrs. Claus

‘Twas two days before Christmas

‘Twas two days before Christmas

And all through the clinic

Karole’s festive tunes played

On her desk a Saint Nick.

Red stockings were hung

And a Christmas tree bright

To greet all her patients

She helps with her might.

Lesa is all nestled

At her desk with a smile.

Ready to make appointments

Drinking tea all the while.

When what to our wondering

Eyes did appear?

But Mrs. Claus and company

Parking her small sleigh and deer!

“How can I help you?”

Lesa asked all a-flutter.

“I need to see Karole!

Santa says I’m a nutter!


My hormones are wacky
I cry all the time!

Hot flashes melt The Pole

It’s really such a crime!


I need to be jolly!”

She pulled out a tissue.

Lesa patted her hand,

“Karole can help you!”

An hour with Karole

Her tears were all dried

Her hormones were wacked

And her adrenals were fried.

So many years

Helping Santa each day

Is stressful and tiring

And menopause is in the way!

“Here--spit in these tubes

And rub on this cream.

You’ll feel better in no time

Life will be a dream!”

Said Karole in her usual

Calm and caring voice.

Mrs. Santa felt better

Ready to rejoice!

“Don’t forget your vitamins

And supplements too!

Deep belly breathing,

An easy meditation to do!”

She sprang to her sleigh

Her saliva kit she stashes,

Waves Karole good-bye

A Christmas with no hot flashes!!

Away they all flew

And we heard her exclaim,

“Merry Christmas to all!

Mrs. Claus is now sane!!”

~Beth Miles
(updated in 2015)

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Posted by Karole Beck at 12/23/2019 5:57:00 AM
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