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Parting Thoughts From Lesa

As we say goodbye and thank you to Lesa for 5 years as Office Manager at Abundant Life Heatlh Care, she had something she wanted to say to everyone.  So here it is, in her own words:

It is hard to believe that more than five years have come and gone, working at Abundant Life Health Care.  Now, it’s time to wrap up this chapter and move on to a new one.  I have been volunteering at a non-profit organization for several years, and they approached me with what I consider to be my dream job.  I was not looking for a different job.  I was very happy working at Abundant Life Health Care, but I just couldn’t turn down this opportunity.


I have loved every minute of my time at Abundant Life Health Care.  This is not just a medical practice; it’s a comfortable, safe “home” for patients, both current patients and those walking in the door for the first time.  I have loved recognizing voices over the phone, learning a little about your families, vacations, and life.  This is just one of the things that makes ALHC so different.


I have seen Karole work with challenging hormone, thyroid, and adrenal gland symptoms.  Patients have come in frustrated, tired, “hot flashing” out of control and all too often come to Karole as a last resort.  Karole delivers.  It’s not the same answer or treatment for every patient.  It is always customized to meet the patients’ needs and symptoms.  This is just another way ALHC is different.


Working at the front desk, I have seen Karole be generous with her time, charging less for appointments than what she really should charge.  I have seen her stay late to make sure she returns every phone call that day.  Karole stays up to date with anything new, going to continuing education seminars and webinars, and staying in touch with industry leaders.  I have learned and come to appreciate the term “functional medicine,” combining a holistic approach to medicine with western medicine practices when necessary to provide the patient the exact care that they need.


I have learned more than I ever expected.  I have laughed with many of you and enjoyed my time at ALHC more than I can express.  Thank you for the five wonderful years.  Remember to Live Well and enjoy a cuppa for me.




Posted by Karole Beck at 1/31/2020 3:07:00 AM
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