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Open-minded vs Critical Thinking
Critical thinking skills are very important. It's the "why" that I ask my patients. Why did you do action X? What was the thought behind it? Sometimes, the thought is a good, critical thought and the action is a good, important one. But too often, we do things without thinking about them, because that's how it's always been done, because their sister said to do that, because they heard an ad that was endorsed by a celebrity/talk show host/news show host.
This is why I am an advocate for patient education. I teach every patient what I want them to do and why. Why this vitamin, lifestyle change, or hormone is important. What it is going to do for their health. People are more likely to follow through with instructions when they understand what I'm prescribing and why. And they are less likely to be swayed by their sister or a public figure who recommend something different.
Posted by Karole Beck at 12/10/2020 1:39:00 AM
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